Saturday, June 6, 2009

Blank Sign (on the East Lake Ainslie road)

I came across this sign while on an exploratory bike ride during my first weeks in Cape Breton this spring. Unlike some other blank signs I've come across, this one seems to show some clear signs of having once said something. I can only guess what that might be.

Location: along the East Lake Ainslie road
Details: Coming from the Trans Canada (Hwy 105), take the turnoff for Hwy 252 (between the Irving station and Vi's Restaurant at the flashing amber light in Whycocomagh). Continue along the road as it becomes Hwy 395 (i.e. don't follow the 252 turn-off for Mabou). The sign is on the west side of the road, not far from the turn-off.
Submitted by: aislinn thomas

Bernardi Precast

Bernardi Precast is a business in the East side of Guelph, ON that specializes in cast concrete forms, including railings, balusters and a stunning assortment of creatures (mythological and otherwise). Their sculptures occupy a large lot that can be seen from the road in a semi-industrial area of town. It's a surreal view at any time of day.

Location: 412 Elizabeth Street Guelph, ON
Details: Located on Elizabeth between Victoria and York. Not far from the foot long hot dog restaurant. To get there by public transit, you can take the 4 York Rd. The Perimeter bus also has a stop nearby.
You can visit their website at:
Submitted by: aislinn thomas

Pink Restaurant

After an afternoon at the newly renovated Art Gallery of Ontario, and before an opening at Mercer Union, I was part of a bus load of hungry students that saught nourishment at the newly expanded South Indian Dosa Mahal on Bloor. Not only is the new space much bigger (as evidenced by its ability to fit us all in at once), it is very pink. From the wall colour to the curtains, tables, and neon lights surrounding the windows, the theme is consistent. As a result, the faces of the customers also take on a decidedly rosy glow.

Location: South Indian Dosa Mahal, 1262 Bloor St. W, Toronto, ON
Details: Located on the NE corner of Bloor and Emerson. By public transit: take the Bloor-Danforth line to Lansdowne Station. The South Indian Dosa Mahal is 3 blocks east of Lansdowne. Coincidentally, they serve excellent Dosas and South Indian meals.
Submitted by: aislinn thomas

Misplaced Doll

Jamilla Walker writes of this piece: "The doll was placed on a gate, slightly above eye level on a residential Welsh street, I presume in the hope that the owner of the doll would see it in the future and the doll shaped hole in their life will be filled again."

Although the exact location of this Misplaced Doll is unknown, and likely ephemeral, this seems fitting to the piece.

a residential Welsh street
Submitted by: Jamilla Walker

Blank Sign (Guelph)

This sign is located very close to where I used to live in the Ward in Guelph. Since noticing it, I've been keeping my eye out for blank signs everywhere. I particularly appreciate its bright colour.

Location: Located in the Ward on the SE corner of Elizabeth and Arthur St, Guelph ON
By public transit, take the 6 Auden/Eastview bus. There is a bus stop metres from the blank sign.
Submitted By:
aislinn thomas