Monday, December 15, 2008

Accumulated Dryer Lint

This piece is a clump of 2 years worth of dryer lint.
I kept wondering what would happen if I didn't throw out my dryer lint. Eventually, curiosity overcame me, and I resolved to seek the answer to my question. Over the past two years, all my dryer lint has been placed into a glass jar. The jar filled up, and it was put into a blue plastic bin, where further lint was placed. Possibly within 10 years, the blue bin will be full.

From one perspective, I thought it was a waste of clothing. Why not keep the attrition and hire someone to turn it into yarn, and then new clothing?

On the other hand, it is beautiful in itself.

This lint was once useful too. There was a draft in our basement, so I used clumps of dryer lint to stuff the holes. The lint was the perfect malleability - it molded to the shape of the holes.

Oddly, I took pictures of the lint for this project because it was beautiful to me in itself. But as I was looking at the pictures close up on my computer, I discovered a whole new world, filled with dust, hair (both human and animal), sparkles, threads, dirt, waves of coloured felt and fuzz. From a distance, the world of lint clumps seems like a homogeneous grey; but up close, it's a vibrant jungle of colour.

Location: Guelph, Ontario.
Details: By appointment. (Please contact Already Art to make an appointment.)
Submitted by: Nathan Saliwonchyk

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