Thursday, July 8, 2010

Error 20221 (future date of birth)

In case it's difficult to read, the error box in the screen capture below reads:

The page at says:

The date of birth you provided occurs in the future.
Please make sure you are attempting to enter your
correct date of birth. (20221)

Embarrassing, perhaps, but a good reminder that ridiculous mistakes can lead to pretty lovely things.

Location: online form; date of birth request
Details: This particular piece was first experienced while checking out of the online store at I guess that many credit cards now require an added security process online. It was in going through this process that I mistakenly typed the current year as my year of birth, and my birthday is later this summer. The computer kindly reminded me that it's difficult to make a purchase in utero (much less to be approved for a credit card).
It will be interesting to see how many such forms yield a similar response.
Submitted by: aislinn thomas

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