Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Bread Car

These pictures depict a "bread car." Yes, a bread car. A car filled with bread. A bread car that is art. A br-art car!

You can find this beautifying piece of br-art in the tiny Hamlet of Dol, on the Island of Hvar, Croatia.

When I discovered this car on the property of Suncokret Retreat Center in Hvar, Croatia, I giggled, wondering about it's purpose. ls this a Croatian composter? Or perhaps an up-and-coming old world style bakery/cafe?

It wasn't until I talked to Stipe, one of the retreat center's owners that I realized that this car is functional art at it's best. He explained that the old Renault is being used to dry leftover but perfectly good bread. Dry it out? Why?
To feed the chickens, the homestead's "special ladies," of course!

Location: Suncokret Retreat Center, Hvar, Croatia
Details: Suncokret's holistic wellness retreat is a place to be nurtured from head to toe. It is on a magnificent island and provides an open door into an authentic island lifestyle. Suncokret is run by friendly hosts, who offer customized services for guests. Services include yoga and a variety of spa and healing energy treatments. How to get there: Contact them at, <suncokret_hvar@vip.hr> or visit their website <http://www.suncokretdream.net/retreat.html>
Submitted by: Jennifer Hicks

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