Friday, November 7, 2008

European Watch & Clock Experts

The European Watch & Clock Experts is a small, unassuming store with a bright yellow sign in downtown of Guelph. I have passed by it often for some time now, but only first went in about a year ago. My watch needed a new battery, and the gentleman who owns the store was kind enough to replace it, even though he was in the process of closing.

I was really intrigued by the giant glass jars he had that stored all the old batteries and mechanisms that he had recently replaced. These alone were really interesting objects. Add to that the huge variety of constantly ticking clocks that crowded the front part of the store, the framed certificates on the wall, and the decor. The truly extraordinary thing, however, was when at 5:15pm (or was it 5:30?) a good number of the many and varied time-keeping devices began making a strange collection of noises to signal that a quarter of the hour had passed. The noises ranged from chimes to pop and classical songs, bird calls, car engines, and so on. Over the course of about 45 seconds, I was treated to an bizarre and delightful cascade of sound (the clocks are just out of sync enough that the chimes are staggered). It was amazing.

Plan to go so that your time there overlaps the hour or half-past the hour in order to experience the audio component of this piece, although if my memory serves me right, at least some of the clocks go off every 15 minutes.

Location: 124 Wyndham St. N. Guelph, ON, Canada
Details: open Monday-Saturdays; plan to go to hear the chimes on the hour or half past
Submitted by: aislinn thomas


  1. You know, I passed this shop almost every day for 8 months during the last school year and I never noticed it! This was most likely because I would have been running to catch a bus and I would have been walking somewhat below the sign. This reminds me that it is good to change routine once in a while. Had I been walking on the other side of the road, I might have noticed the big yellow sign :) As well, it reminds me that if I look up once in a while and notice my surroundings I might be able to catch some treats such as this. I will check this place out on my next venture downtown. ...I've been wondering where I could get my watch battery replaced... Thanks.

  2. Great!
    Let us know what it's like when you get a chance to go inside!

  3. This is awesome! I look forward to future posts Sunigal :D