Saturday, November 8, 2008

Jean's basement

I have spent hours in Jean's basement. Filled with a huge range of paraphernalia, it's entirely possible to become lost in there for ages. Shelves are filled with boxes overflowing with everything ranging from pointe shoes to scrapbooks, books, postcards, love letters, paintings, toys, photographs, school exercise books, clothing, instruction manuals to 1950s appliances, party-related odds and ends, dollhouse furniture, enamel jewelery making contraptions, board games, suitcases and tools. Most things aren't even in boxes, but in various piles corresponding to an intuitive if unintelligible organizational schema. And it's a welcoming basement, as far as basements go: well-lit, dry, comfortably haphazard, not especially smelly.

Maybe most basements are this enchanting, but I don't know of them. It's kind of like a gigantic and endearing thrift store, only all the objects come with stories that you can hear if you bring them up and ask Jean about them. If you happen to be in the area, I highly recommend it.

Location: Creve Coeur, St. Louis County, Missouri, USA
Details: By appointment. (Please contact Already Art if you'd like to arrange an appointment.)
Submitted by: aislinn thomas

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